Limits of sharing and materialization of support: Indonesian Net Label Union

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Artikel mendalam tentang praktik netlabel yang ditulis oleh Nuraini Juliastuti (peneliti KUNCI Cultural Studies Center) telah diterbitkan di jurnal Inter-Asia Cultural Studies.

"The end of the 2000s saw the robust development of net labels as an internet-based distribution platform for musicians to share their music for free. The development of the Indonesian Net Label Union represents a self-organizing act to indicate the rise of a new breed of indie music generation. Sharing is employed as a uniting concept and envisioned to be a collective project to achieve a collective sustainability. It prompts direct questions of the layered support for net label. In this article, I interrogate the embodiment (and the disembodiment) of sharing as well as the meaning of sustainability. In doing so, I examine the interlinking of sharing with piracy, materialization of support from the fans’ loyalties and friendship, which forms the alternative infrastructure of the net label organization."

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