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Indonesian Netaudio Festival 1


Have you ever streamed live music performance through the Internet? Download music legally and for free or remix music? Simply that's Netaudio—audio-based activities in the virtual world, part of our real life, the Internet. Music lovers have been familiar with net label and online/internet radio and music sharing activities free from conventional copyright law that binds creativity and not merely oriented to commercial values become important to sustain. A practice of mutual aid, local wisdom in the era of information technology.

Netlabel is a record label that distributes its releases in digital audio format through the Internet, either can be downloaded for free or through paid distribution. The idea is to spread the music freely without geographic boundaries. Netlabel has become an alternative in Indonesian independent music scene which is now stagnant, where the Internet is not yet well anticipated by the mainstream music industry. Yes No Wave Music calls netlabel as an act of 'gift economy', an experimentation that applies free music model for music lovers in the capitalistic world. This act is not an notion to destroy the music industry that has been established for decades, but more as an alternative in distributing music work freely. Free for anyone to distribute, to listen, and to remix. A liberation of creativity. The Internet has given us a chance to democratize 'market'. Technology is rapidly changing and in the process causes information overlaps and shifts cultural, social, and economic orders. The net audio movement tries to evaluate the discourse while also to formulate the correct notion and strategy.

Indonesian Netlabel Union is a collective movement of Indonesian netlabels that aims to create a network among netlabels and to introduce the local netlabels to the public also to be a vessel in evaluating music discourses in the era of information technology. The early steps include releasing compilation album series simultaneously on 1 January 2011. Five active netlabels that took part in the compilation are Hujan! Rekords, Inmyroom Records, Mindblasting, Stone Age Records, and Yes No Wave Music. Indonesian Netlabel Union also opened an offline booth for sharing and merchandising at RRREC Fest #2 in Jakarta, 3–5 December 2011. Our next step is to hold Indonesian Netaudio Festival.

Indonesian Netaudio Festival is an offline event that involves all netaudio agents, observers, and listeners in Indonesia. Besides being a social gathering among netaudio agents and listeners, the event will also involve offline file-sharing, selling merchandise for fund-raising, discussion, workshop, film screening, and live music performance by musicians who release their albums through the Internet. This first festival will also mark Yes No Wave Music's fifth anniversary.


1. Yes No Wave Music

Indonesia's first netlabel founded by influential scenester in contemporary art and independent music in Yogyakarta: Wok The Rock. Emerged in March 2007 and have since released a variety of music, all of which unique and cutting-edge. Some artists released by the label have reached national and international recognition such as Frau, The Upstairs, Senyawa, and White Shoes & The Couples Company. Yes No Wave Music is currently the local netlabel with most released artists, which is 65 albums.

2. Inmyroom Records

Indonesia's second netlabel. Founded in early 2008 in Jakarta. This label specifically releases chamber music, from various genre, recording their music in their private rooms. One of the artists that get vast public attention is Aditya Sofyan.

3. Hujan! Rekords

Hujan! Rekords is Indonesia's third netlabel. Founded in late 2009/early 2010 in Bogor. This netlabel grew quite rapidly, mainly through their activities like online radio, news portal site, music performances, etc.

4. StoneAge Records

A netlabel founded after Hujan! Rekords in 2010. Based in Depok and fronted mainly by students of University of Indonesia. Released a number of punk bands, also hardcore, alternative rock, and experimental. Have now expanded into releasing physical album format and online radio as well.

5. Mindblasting

After those four netlabels, many netlabels came out and went together, all in almost the same time. MindBlasting from Jember (now located in Purworejo) releases rock bands from around East and Central Java to other countries.

6. Pati Rasa Records

Netlabel from Bantul, Yogyakarta, which specifically releases experimental music and punk music with all of its derivatives. Founded in 2011 and stopped in early 2012.

7. Tsefula/Tsefuelha Records

This label released for the first time in 2005 in Canada. Managed by Ababil Ashari of one-man-band Shorthand Phonetics. In 2010 this label moved to Jatinangor and affiliated as a sublabel of Yes No Wave Music. Music released include indie/lo-fi/punk/ alternative rock/electronic which focuses on album concept.

8. KANAL 30

Netlabel from Malang that specifically releases indie/chamber music/lo-fi artists etc. Now also broadcasting music through online radio.

9. EarAlert Records

This netlabel was founded during the hustle of 2012 by Hilman Fathoni (YK Decay/Alphabetajournal) as a follow up of Pati Rasa Records. This label releases various audio works.

10. Lemari Kota

Based on a webzine from Depok which also releases digital music for free from genre like punk/hardcore/metal.

11. Experia

This netlabel is probably one of a kind; releases especially world music/ethnic/experimental. Founded in Bandung in early 2012.

12. Death Tiwikrama

A physical record label that releases CD-R/cassette, especially for music like noise/drone/experimental. Now they switched into a netlabel. Founded by Danif Pradana in Australia in 2006.

13. Megavoid

A database/encyclopedia site for local music mapping that records all artist/band information, related to biography, label, record album, discography, news, review and interview, and band merchandise. Based in Malang.

14. SoundRespect

New netlabel from Yogyakarta. Releases numerous Yogyakarta artists in genres like alternative rock/garage rock/electronic.

15. Flynt Records

A young netlabel from Bandung. Founded by Etza Meisyara, who is also an artist under netlabel Inmyroom Records. Specifically releases alternative music/electronic/experimental/chamber music.