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Indonesia Netaudio Forum (INF) helds a biannual offline Indonesia Netaudio Festival. This program has been held three times namely in Yogyakarta (2012), Bandung (2014) and again in Yogyakarta (2018). 2020 marks the fourth Indonesia Netaudio Festival where the offline meeting will be held online. The fourth edition takes a different approach by not organizing a fairly large scale festival, but rather organizing several small events with various popular formats within a year.

The COVID-19 pandemic that broke out all over the world in March 2020 has certainly affected the plans for the Indonesia Netaudio Festival. All public activities and physical social interactions are very limited, restricted and even closed. Everyone then looks at the internet, replacing physical limitations with virtual. This virtual space is encouraged to be able to meet the needs of social interaction both in daily needs, works, school to be like an event for the community. Streaming features of the internet are increasingly popular in general use by various levels of society. Music shows switched on this platform. YouTube, Facebook Live, Instagram Live, to the Twitch gamer platform and Zoom web-conferencing are widely used.

At the same time, solidarity initiatives were raised by arts and cultural practitioners. They build initiatives to support each other through micro-scale networks in overcoming the condition by holding donations for the provision of free food. Some of them have swerved to do micro-scale business to withstands this pandemic economic situation, such as selling home-cooking foods. The forms of these initiatives are very interesting to see how the strategy of citizens in cultivating their personal and environmental potential, collaborating their potential with social networks in cyberspace within the limitations of physical interaction. The internet is not only the backbone of communication during this pandemic, but also as part of the creative strategies of the citizens to survive.

Meanwhile, for musicians who are familiar with internet distribution, this condition is an opportunity for them to tweak, explore, and (re)produce. The internet also became a venu for musicians to organize live concerts that invites virtual audiences. Of course, online live concerts for a country with a good internet infrastructure is relatively easy to organizer. For Indonesia however, this infrastructure is not yet at that stage, thus minimizing the possibility of performing live music concerts. As a result, a different strategy is needed to present a music gig via the internet.

INF In-Game Club

Responding to this phenomenon, INF initiated a music show that also provided a hub for virtual solidarity actions, namely the INF In-Game Club. Music performances will be held using the SWGBBO game platform (hacked Habbo), allowing the audience to be present virtually, interact with each other via chat features and play around in the game. During the event the audience can access the bazaar, which is a list of solidarity actions to provide direct support. In addition, this hub also features independent businesses from citizens, especially in the music sector. The form of business displayed can be in the form of sharing music, food, drinks, and services. The event lasts for one day featuring electronic musicians / DJs on September 10, 2020 on the site.

Event Detail

  • Date: September 10th 2020
  • Time: 18.00-03.00 WIB (Western Indonesia Time)
  • Venue: or join us at SWGBBO and visit the INF Garden, INF Diskotek, and Perky Chamber (after party)



In-Game Club

The music program in the In-Game Club (IGC) focuses on the dynamics of various electronic music. In this occasion, IGC invites musicians to present works that had not been previously shown in physical or virtual form. Musicians can interact directly with the audience on the SWGBBO platform via a chat feature during their performance. The show is held on 2 virtual stages with indoor and outdoor themes. Each stage accommodates a maximum of 75 people. Each virtual stage will feature 5 musicians.

Outdoor Stage
  • Time: 18.00-23.45 WIB (Western Indonesia Time)
  • Venue: INF Garden


Indoor Stage
  • Time: 18.00-23.00 WIB (Western Indonesia Time)
  • Place: INF Diskotek


After Party
  • Time: 00.00-03.00 WIB
  • Place: Perky Chamber


Bazar Open Call

INF In-Game Club Bazaar Open Call

The Solidarity Bazaar is part of the INF In-Game Club initiative to provide an online space for colleagues to promote their solidarity initiatives, music releases, culinary products, and advertisements for their services so that access to this program can directly respond to them.

Anyone can promote their initiatives or products on this channel for free.

For those parties who want to participate in promoting in this program can fill in the Open Call application form.


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