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Indonesia Netaudio Festival 3 is a festival hosted by Indonesia Netaudio Forum.


Indonesia Netaudio Forum (INF), previously known as Indonesian Netlabel Union (INU), has managed to organize two festivals back in 2012 and 2014 titled “Indonesian Netaudio Festival”. In these festivals, INF conduct series of activity like discussion, workshop, offline music sharing, and music concerts, presenting Indonesian musicians who are active in using internet as the tools of free distribution and sharing. Other than that, INF also join the celebration of MP3 Day back in 14th of July 2015 by releasing free to remix electronic music album, zine, and series of essays.

In 2018, INF will again held the third festival in collaboration with the Japan Foundation Asia Center. Our next plan is to create another festival in 2018 which include similar activities to analyze and perform the current free legal music dan open culture discourses in the digital age in Indonesia and Japan into a wider public. The Festival itself will present Indonesian and Japanese artists in the programs. INF will invite participants consist of artists, curators, researchers, and writers from Yogyakarta, Bandung, Jakarta and Tokyo. The main aim of the festival is to analyze the sharing culture within the current controlled digital/internet platform in contemporary Indonesian and Japanese culture.

The event will be held at Jogja National Museum from 18th to 28th of August 2018 which include music concert, barter market, live cooking, discussion, and workshop on 18th and 19th of August. This year there will be an exhibition curated by Riar Rizaldi -an artist and also a young researcher in art and media field. The opening ceremony of the exhibition will be held on the same day as the first day of the festival and will be closed on 28th of August. This whole festival program is curated by Wok The Rock with Andreas Siagian as artistic director.


Time and Place

Indonesian Netaudio Festival 2018

  • Dates: 18-28 Agustus 2018
  • Location: Jogja National Museum
  • Address: Jl. Amri Yahya No. 1, Yogyakarta

“Sharing Over Netizen Explosion”

Since the last decade, Internet usage has developed a massive social and cultural condition both in its number of users and the impact it creates. The web 2.0 with its’ accessible and free access for its’ users to interact with data either with creating new content, copying, manipulating and distorting has created a social order that is considered real it obscures the boundaries between virtual and reality—especially in social media. In short, Internet or the cyberspace is embodied. The term ‘user’ is no longer relevant since any entity that has access to the Internet has become the Internet itself. This recent condition breaks the boundaries between things with small range and large scale. It allows for the underground positioned itself in the same room and access with the mainstream. Furthermore, Indonesian tradition of tinkering and its corrupted legal control opens up an opportunity for everyone to create, distribute, control, appropriation, and hack the content of the Internet for any purposes, whether commercial or non-profit, for a personal use or a community, for a good deeds or even a life-threatening purposes. Numerous strategies, thoughts and art works are created and available for consumption and reproduction. On the other hand, the government and big corporation that monopolize the major Internet platforms are collaborating together in scanning and collecting data in order to control access and privatizing data in the Internet.

In contrast with Japan which is known as a leading country of Asia in technology, Japan domination in the international consumer technology market and information technology has been shaken by the development of their neighboring country in the past decades. This has been a major influence in social and cultural of Japan. The society has transformed mentality especially the youth to become freelance of multiple jobs for pursuit of their career. The education to become IT expert has shifted, as their education into a full individualistic society, absorbed to transform their social life in to the virtual world.

As a collective—with its egalitarian and democratic approach—that focus on the practice of sharing within Internet and digital platforms, Indonesia Netaudio Forum through an art and cultural festival attempts to open a social space using music and media art that explore the Internet as its major subject as well as critics and intervention on the discourse. The music program in Indonesia Netaudio Festival will feature artists that implemented Internet and digital culture in creating and distributing their works both using the non-mainstream distribution or manipulating the mainstream platform. These include from the musician that distribute their music through netlabels, online forum, online radio or file-hosting/sharing service to gain popularity globally regardless the geography, music making through digital application, the use of Internet platforms like YouTube, hacking PlayStation stick as a source of data and disc-jockeys tool, critical cyberculture as a song theme, cross geographical and globally collaboration, the usage of imaginary characters as a band identity and musical works, to sharing music offline through Internet café or PirateBox network.



Festival Poster Indonesia Netaudio Festival 3
Poster program musik Indonesia Netaudio Festival 3
Poster program musik Indonesia Netaudio Festival 3
Poster acara INF - Taphouse Indonesia Netaudio Festival 3

A music concert presenting musician and VJ who are using internet and digital platform as a tool of work production and distribution. These artists involved also implement open licensing concept such as copyleft or Creative Commons license on their work and also work collaboratively through various lane of networks.

The music concert will be held for two days.

August 18th 2018
  • Time: 19.00pm-23.00pm WIB
  • Location: Jogja National Museum
  • Address: Jl. Amri Yahya No. 1, Yogyakarta

Line up:

August 19th 2018
Mini Stage
  • Time: 15.00pm-18.00pm WIB
  • Location: Jogja National Museum
  • Address: Jl. Amri Yahya No. 1, Yogyakarta

Line up:

Main Stage
  • 19.00pm-23.00pm WIB

Line up:

INF X Taphouse
  • 22.00-02.00
  • Taphouse Beer Garden
  • Jlagran Street, No. 18, Yogyakarta

Line up:

Main stage visuals by Video Battle. Lighting configuration by WAFT-Lab.

Performative Talk: Mapping the Undercurrents

Poster acara Performative Talk Indonesia Netaudio Festival 3

Interactive discussion which held in performative format using sound configuration, video, graphic images, online communication platform and a way to engage festival’s audiences to be actively involved in the discussion. This discussion invites three speakers that will give talks about internet ecosystem, sharing infrastructure, culture of fans and development of music in cyberspace. This activity is open for public and will be held inside the music concert area.


Internet and digital technologies have amplified the undercurrents in our current cultural circuit. Community-based media presents narration from perspectives and areas which are often uncovered by national media channels. New values are being created reciprocally through events and its recordings, peripheries and center of cultural production. The emergence of various netlabels have enriched the infrastructure of music production-distribution in online-offline platforms. While internet has been targeted as object of regulations and source of monetization for stakeholders, including government.

In this discussion arena for two hours, three speakers will elaborate the circuit of culture which has been mediated by internet and the movements within from three case study: netlabels, media art, and dangdut koplo. Along with the speakers, the attendees are being invited to respond the following question: within the complexity of today’s circuit of culture, what needs to be done as fellow netizen?

Ferments Workshop


A DIWO (Do-It-With-Others) workshop which invites fruit ferments maker from everywhere to Yogyakarta city. This activity will provide the audience with resources about ferments making that are generated from the internet. This workshop aims to use internet access to find and share knowledge and/or information and try to deliver it with offline interaction while comparing it with experience and knowledge earning that earned from physical activities as social intervention. This comparison shows how physical experiences on knowledge generating are in contrary with knowledge generating from the internet that nowadays has created an imaginary space that is real to it users. This workshop is open for public.


Huge amount internet user and growing fast, has been make new culture the called “internet culture”. Internet has big influence for science, and world view. Only using internet search engine like Google, internet user all over the world has easy internet access to looking for lot of information’s than book on it library. Internet symbolized of decentralization, knowledge, information and data’s so extremely. The effect of internet distribution extremely make it people obesity information suffering. From that “obesity information” extreme information people can’t accepted all that information, just only little bit they are can taking it. Because of the information attacks people come so fast without interruption. Internet is a virtual space has imaginer distance with the internet user, so that, between internet and user has one communication direction. Internet, as a giver and user, as a receiver.

The concept of this workshop tries to order as like internet order to us. Which is internet ordering us many kinds of information? In this workshop we will make lot of workshop such as: fruit wine fermentation workshop, kombucha tea fermentation, and mixology workshop to everyone they have coming. They are freely chosen what they want, and also they are might easy come and go. But if they are interesting to learn more, the workshop facilitators will be share their knowledge, capability, and experiences to the audience. So has social direct interaction among audiences and facilitators in both sides. It can like a cultural match to internet that given imaginer distance to internet user.

  • Ferment drinks workshop by Dholy Husada
  • Fruit ferments workshop by Theodorus Hendra Adhitya
  • Kombucha making workshop by Agung Satriya

Barter Market

  • August 18th & 19th 2018, 15.00pm-23.00pm WIB, Jogja National Museum

One of the main target in this festival is to widen the vision about “open culture” which promote “sharing culture”. This activity will invite the audience to exchange their belongings with each other. The participants could exchange digital audio or video files, clothing, hard-drive, modems, plants or other kind of belongings with each other

Live Cooking

  • Cooks: Anestisiana dan Yoga
  • August 18th & 19th 2018, 15.00pm-23.00pm WIB, Jogja National Museum

Eating collectively is a tradition in Indonesia and some other countries in Asia that are still being maintained despite the rapid growth of modernization. In this activity, there will be Cooks which cook dishes in the festival area and share it to the audience using donation system to earn the food.

Exhibition - “Internet of (No)Things: Ubiquitous Networking and Artistic Intervention”

  • Curator: Riar Rizaldi
  • Opening Ceremony: August 18th 2018, 14.00pm WIB
  • Exhibition: Agugust 18th-28th 2018, 11.00pm-19.00pm WIB
  • Location: Jogja National Museum

The information is anywhere, at any time, and is delivered in a manner appropriate to the location and context. While we can finally get to benefit from the full power of information technology, we miss the ability to absorb the esoteric bodies of knowledge on which it depends. Network technology like mobile telephone and Internet have become the world’s largest shared platform for information exchange—this powerful informatics is already embodied within our life. At the same time, network technology affects the way we communicate—textually, verbally and visually—as well as reconstructed the variety of contemporary technics: art, cinema, biotechnology, digital governance, platform capitalism. One might be wonder, what challenges are presented by the ever-present networked technologies and infrastructures in our cultural activities?

As we drift past tipping points that blurred the distinction between online and offline, as we will have to accept that privacy may become a thing of the past, while a new form of visual language manufactured by the influx of memes from an image board like Futaba Channel, and as a post-truth agenda swarms through Facebook blatantly, the exhibition Internet of (No)Things explores the possibility of artistic practice and aesthetic form that critically interrogated the ubiquity of network technology. The Internet of (No)Things exhibition invites Indonesian and Japanese artist to present the work that reinterpret and intervene the visual, material and idea created by rapid transformation of the Internet culture and infrastructure. Furthermore, the exhibition subverts the jargon of Internet of Things (IoT) to provide a critical thinking that the presence of Internet is already embodied to any activities we experience, it actually becomes nothing. Something that we do not have awareness of its mechanism: things just work. It becomes objects, it becomes air, it becomes space. Internet of nothing.

From the visuality of an iOs Anime makeover photo app to Indonesian language subtitle coded on illegal movie streaming site, from breaking down the fundamental foundation of network system through sonic instrument to showing the black-box of network technology by engineering the physical space, from the speculative approach on biotechnology and its impact on the discourse of reproduction to generating thought and opinion into an electrical current, artists from Indonesia and Japan reimagined, appropriated, utilised and reconstructed the implications of network technology. Amidst the contrast characteristic of technological development, cultural background and psychogeography between Indonesia and Japan, the artists here exchange their own unique approach to the vernacular language of networked society in a global village. Therefore, through the artistic works and intervention by the artists in the Internet of (No)Things exhibition we might encounter the challenges as well as opportunities provided by network technology for our cultural activities.


Artist talk #1
  • Kazuki Saita/Soichiro Mihara
  • August 19th 2018, 11:00am WIB
  • Jogja National Museum
Artist talk #2
  • Ai Hasegawa & Abi Rama
  • August 20th 2018, 16:00pm WIB
  • Kunci Cultural Studies Center, Gang Melati, Ngadinegaran MJ III/100, Yogyakarta
Artist talk #3
  • Ayano Sudo & Tromarama
  • August 20th 2018, 19:00pm WIB
  • Ruang MES 56, Jl. Mangkuyudan No. 53A, Yogyakarta

Festival Committee


Nama Posisi
Fumi Hirota Project Manager (JP)
Abdul Barry Sultan Pulungan Project Manager Assistant
Wok The Rock Producer/JF Partnership
Anitha Silvia Co-producer
Andreas Siagian Artistic Director
Riar Rizaldi Exhibition Curator
Syafiatudina Seminar Curator
Lifepatch Workshop Coordinator
Adi Adriandi Music Concert Production Manager
Rismilliana Wijayanti Exhibition Production Manager
Amelberga Prasetyaningtyas Media Relation
Octalyna Puspa Wardany Finance
Yudistira Satria Head of Production
Prastica Malinda Administration
Yonas Kristy Graphic Designer
Anton Gendel Sound Engineer
Sugeng Utomo Light Engineer
Arief Budiman Video Documentation
Swandi Ranadila Photo Documentation
Adib Nur Fajar Volunteer Coordinator
Adam Oktaviantoro Stage Manager
Gading Paksi Music Show Director
Andi Meinl Transportation Manager
Sri Kusumaningrum Catering Manager
Fuad Nurdiansyah Area Manager
Ignatius Kendal Festival Permit
Vandy Rizaldi Stage Crew
Aditya Stage Crew
Angga Pratama Stage Crew
Yuya Ito (Japan) Stage Crew

INF 3.0 User Manual Production Team

Nama Posisi
Hilman Fathoni Editor
Yonaz Kristy Layout and Design
Andaru Pramudito Contributor
Aditya Saputra Contributor
Taufiq Aribowo Contributor
Riar Rizaldi Contributor
Adythia Utama Contributor


List of Partners
Asia Center Japan Foundation
Gallery Prawirotaman Hotel
Green Host Hotel
Ruang MES 56
KUNCI Cultural Studies Center
Balai Seni Gampingan
YK Booking
Tante Bikinilfil
Bengkel Pak Meng

Organizer and Sponsors

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Indonesia Netaudio Festival brought to you by Asia Center - Japan Foundation as part of MeCA - Media Culture in Asia: A Transnational Platform

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